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Basic gate design with the arched top-line and an insert from our wildlife series. The frame is 2"x2" square tubing with the 3/4" bars spaced approximately 4" apart.

A centered insert with Texas stars on either side. The topline is often filled in with ranch name or a motto.


This design combines the delicacy of wildlife with the imperviousness of vertical bars. An elegant arch at the topline adds a little class.


This dramatic design features full artwork that tells of the land owner's appreciation for the sensitivity of his horses and the awe of nature. An oval helps to compose and add subtly to this design. This design also works well as a single, slide gate.



A simple but eye-catching bar design with the street number.


A center ring displaying signage with scenery on either side.


Basic stock gate combining a custom scene with utilitarian, horizontal bars.


Corner Post- Make every corner of your property count.


Put your mark on your perimeters with a scenic corner post panel.


Totally custom arch design with an insert that tells about the exotic wildlife that exist beyond it's thresh hold. This gate is still in the works for a customer in West Texas. The massive size and weight of this gate demands careful structural considerations but the challenge is a welcome element in our line of work. Upon completion this gate will stand nine feet high.


This gate is a real traffic stopper.



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